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Nowadays it is also easy for the group of students to apply for the best credit card for them in order to take advantage of it. Banks and financial institutions therefore offer student credit cards in the form of debit, charge and prepaid cards. In order to inform you optimally about the credit card for students, we have worked out a credit card comparison with our financial editors and experienced experts for a good overview. If you would also like to read more about the topic or are interested in specific aspects, you can find a comprehensive guide under the comparison. Find the best student credit card for you now and apply for it online!


The best credit card for students at a glance

The best credit card for students at a glance

  • possible variants: debit, charge or prepaid card
  • permanent free use
  • worldwide free cash withdrawals
  • Student current account included on request
  • interest-free payment terms
  • with additional services
  • coordinated budget

Many students go abroad for a few semesters. Since no one likes to carry the amount of money available for this time with them, a student credit card is an option. Since the credit card framework is very different, it is advantageous to find out about a credit card comparison for students. The conditions in the offers include, for example, cards that completely eliminate the annual fee. But there are also credit cards for students with low fees. A student credit card is definitely an important study companion – even if it should only be used in the event of financial constraints.


Is there a free credit card for students?

credit card for students?

The comparison offers include a large number of free credit cards for students without a fixed annual fee, but also credit cards including a checking account. It is also quite possible for some financial institutions to grant a credit line for one or more months on presentation of their student ID. Being able to pay for independence anywhere and at any time and to be able to withdraw cash is a valuable option, especially during your studies. In addition, the credit card for students is often associated with useful additional services. For example, these can be reduced tickets for the theater, museum or cinema, and some shops or online shops also offer student discounts if the purchase is paid for with a credit card.


The best credit card for students – The three most important criteria

credit card for students - The three most important criteria

  • Selection of different cards: debit, charge or prepaid card
  • No annual fees and no fees for cash withdrawals abroad
  • Interest-free payment terms possible


Apply for a credit card for students – how it works

credit card for students - how it works

If the choice is made after a comparison for a provider, the application for the credit card for students can be called up directly online by clicking on the provider. All personal data are entered in the application and then sent online. After successful verification, you will receive a contract for the credit card and a coupon for the PostIdent procedure. The contract is signed and a copy of it with the coupon is taken to the nearest post office. Here an employee checks the identity and then transfers the personal data to the coupon. Then all two documents are sent to the credit card provider. You only have all the documents and information, the login data and the credit card in your mailbox in just a few days.


The credit card for student check – the following criteria are important

credit card for student check - the following criteria are important

Withdrawing with a normal bank card at foreign ATMs can put quite a strain on the budget of students abroad during the semester abroad. Especially if it is not in dollars. With our credit card check, however, a large number of providers were found that allow students to withdraw money free of charge with their credit card. In addition, some credit cards still include free international insurance, but you have to pay attention to the limited duration.



There are banking institutions and credit card providers that issue special credit cards for students. In most cases, no more than proof of an existing enrollment is required. The credit line is often limited, but a credit line tailored to the student’s needs is offered.

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