To know when to go to the private loan, let’s think of a family that is in difficult circumstances from the economic point of view, has to face urgent expenses that appear unexpectedly, is on the verge of late payment and does not have job stability. At this point it is practically impossible for any bank to grant you financing, not even a small loan to get out of the impasse.

What about private loans?

What about private loans?

Private credit would be the ideal option to solve this situation, a small economic push can prevent many people from falling into the spiral of debt that leads to delinquencies, with all the disadvantages that this entails. Our private loan company offers this possibility to our clients.

Therefore, it is in such circumstances when we should consider the option of requesting a loan from a private equity company. When it is not possible to obtain liquidity by other means and cash is necessary and sound to face the problems of the present.

We offer many possibilities to users who are in special conditions and therefore, it would be impossible for them to get a loan from a bank, even more so now that the conditions requested for it are more demanding. We can grant private credits to people who are unemployed or enrolled in delinquent lists.

Guarantee a loan

Guarantee a loan

We are only going to ask for the guarantee of a property that can be real estate or of any kind to guarantee the loan that we will provide to our client. This possession can be almost anything, from a flat to a vehicle, art pieces or taxi licenses. Everything works with the only exception of jewelry, the client thus has a wide range of possibilities so as not to be left without the financing he needs.

In fact, the amount of cash you can ask us will depend on the guarantee, the quality of the guarantee. At most we will award the user an amount of money that is between 20% or 25%. For those who need a small amount, we can make a loan starting from 3,000 USD.

There is also another way to guarantee the loans that we offer in our company; it is neither more nor less than getting money for your own vehicle. If the client owns a car, even if it is a truck, van or motorcycle, he can guarantee the private loan with it. The process is the following. We will appraise the client’s utility and then we can give him an amount of money that will be a maximum of 40% of the value it has.

These credits have the quality of being processed in a very short time, since we try to minimize the entire process as much as possible, in such a way that the client only has to wait a maximum of 72 hours to have the money credited to his checking account.

In the case of real estate, they must be free of charges and mortgages to be valid as collateral for our loans. They can serve the floors, houses, premises, warehouses, etc. We do not accept plots or land because they are too subject to variations in their market prices.

When choosing a private loan?

When to choose a private loan?

Our operations are always signed in the presence of a notary, this allows us to adjust as is due to the current legislation and also the process has greater security for the user. In order to carry out these signatures, the client does not have to travel from their place of residence, we provide this service throughout the national territory, including the Canary and Balearic Islands.

If you are in a difficult financial situation, it may be time to go to the private loan. We offer you the necessary guarantees and professionalism so that you can obtain cash quickly and thus be able to solve your situation. If you have any further questions, you can contact us directly. We will always be at your service to help you.

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